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Ryan Sweeney

Director of Analytics
Ignite Social Media

At Ignite, Ryan serves as the Director of Analytics. He's the first to admit that he’s a proud, card-carrying data nerd. What he’s too modest to tell you is that he’s revolutionized the way Ignite collects, organizes, and presents data to clients. He's an essential part of the strategic planning process, working with clients to develop measurable goals that directly to their business objectives. While most marketing agencies rely on expensive research and focus groups to learn what consumers want, Ryan recognizes that the best focus group lives in the world of social media. He has been quoted in The Atlantic, Adweek, Business News Daily, and the Pew Internet Research Center. Outside of revolutionizing Ignite's data collection, Ryan is the host of a radio show that airs on a local radio station in the triangle.

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