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Thursday, February 6, 2020    2:20 pm–3:00 pm

"Beyond A Seat At The Table" - Considerations for Social Media Managers and Strategists

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We all know the "enemies" of good brand management - from nasty reviews on Glass Door to the YouTube video of a shameful company event filmed and uploaded by an employee or hater. As strategic social media in corporate America enters its second decade in the workplace, it's time to move past debates about which team "owns" social media to actually empowering every employee to become a vanguard of our brand and a curator of our content. What is the tipping point...when we are exhibiting too much "personality" on social or digital platforms? How does our SM content align with corporate values?

In this session we will take a look at some emerging best practices for how to organize, train and deploy your team; social media policies that focus on conduct and don't conflict with employees rights to express themselves under NLRB rulings and cases in the news; and how to grow brand disciples inside and outside the organization, who can be deployed effectively and quickly to address any negative or emerging issues that compromise your brand. And...when it makes sense to stand still and say NOTHING!

At the end of the session, you'll be ready to:

  • Revisit your social media policy and look for ways to expand your Ambassador program - inbound content and who curates or captures and packages the "stories"
  • Make sure Communications hasn't created the silos we detest. Marketing, Product Teams - We are a key part of Operations. It's important that as reputation managers we examine every access point and all online behavior - do we address sensitive/negative information with the same enthusiasm we show for uploading our crazy lip-synch music videos?
  • Is the organization approachable, responsive, and timely? Is your social media and web persona the same? Finding the "sweet spot" in your digital communications so you are both popular and a respected source of information. Learn matrices that help you understand if people follow and engage because you're clever or if you're a trusted "news" provider. What is really moving the needle on what people what to hear about from you and what matters most to the organization?


Lauri-Ellen Smith, APR
Cat 5 Crisis Communications, Inc.

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