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Day 2 Conferences

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

First Responders Track

9:00 am–9:40 am

Keynote: How San Francisco Fire Department Uses Social Media as a Tool for Building Community Relationships & Trust

Jonathan Baxter
Lieutenant Public Information Officer and Homeland Security Liaison

Social Media as a Tool for Building Community Relationships and Trust

The San Francisco Fire Department initiated an aggressive approach to providing Public Information months prior to Super Bowl 50, 2016.  At this time, the community trust in public safety was low, and false media reports and speculative perceptions led the public to believe an arsonist was running rampant throughout the Mission District of San Francisco. Almost 4 years later, we now have a great relationship with the community, media, and relative city agencies.

The Role of Transparency and Improved Communications

In 2016, the San Francisco Fire Department had limited staffing and resources to provide community and media information related to multiple items, including incidents, accusations, and public perceptions (usually false).  By forming bonds with community leaders, hearing the needs of the community, working with City leaders, and having the support of the Fire administration, we have grown to a point now where we have a good information flow, and trust with the communities and entities we serve.

Developing your Agencies Voice on Social Media

This one was hard; I won’t candy-coat it. I look forward to sharing my obstacles, and the rewards we now see.

What do your community members expect from Public Safety Agencies Online? 

This requires daily re-evaluation. In San Francisco, we have many that communicate in different ways, expect services, and may be confused if messaging is not delivered properly. 

This case study will discuss tips we used to strengthen relationships with our communities, government and private entities, and the news media. The San Francisco Fire Department continues to use re-evaluate these strategies to provide incident updates, critical aid information, public education, and safety alerts to the communities we have sworn to serve.

During this discussion you will hear:

  • Examples of assessing the needs of your agency, city/business, and the community served.
  • What worked and didn't work when trying to collaborate with community members, city agencies, and the media develop a system to get messaging out.
  • The challenges of keeping up with constant media information requests for day to day operations and during an incident.
  • Fighting misinformation (in media coverage and social media) and getting the right message out, with or without the media's help.
  • The use of a body camera to assist the PIO with combating false reporting. 


9:50 am–10:30 am

Keynote Case Study: Social Media & Natural Disasters: Media Relationships and Communication Strategy Forged in Hawaii’s Volcanic Eruption

Toni Schwartz
Public Information Officer
Jeffrey D. Hickman
Director of Public Affairs

This case study will discuss tips we used to strengthen relationships with the news media while pushing out constant messaging through radio, TV and social media, to communicate accurate information to the public during the prolonged Kilauea Volcano lava eruption event on the Island of Hawaii.  The Hawaii State Emergency Management Agency, and the Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency and the Hawaii Department of Defense used this strategy to provide updates, critical aid information, and safety alerts. 

During this discussion you will hear:

  • Examples of the growing pains during the chaotic initial stages of the lava eruption event.
  • What worked and didn't work when trying to collaborate with media to get messaging out.
  • The challenges of keeping up with constant media information requests (and the social media explosion).
  • Fighting misinformation (in media coverage and social media) and getting the right message out, with or without the media's help.

4:20 pm–5:00 pm

Keynote Case Study: Coffee with a Cop - How One Event in 2011 Turned into One of the Most Successful Community Policing Programs in the World

Michael Ishii
Chief of Police

Join Coffee with a Cop Co-Founders for a session on how best to prepare and implement Coffee with a Cop at your Department as well as sharing different community policing program ideas to build value for your agency.

You will learn current best practices, do’s and don’ts, communication issues, Officer “buy-in” and how Coffee with a Cop can kick start community policing philosophies in your department. Real-world examples will be presented on successes and failures (we’ve seen many) of Coffee with a Cop events from around the country. We will cover unique perspectives on how to use non-traditional social media posts to brand your department targeted at different segments of your community and the challenges of getting agency buy-in on Community Policing programs.

Program A: Social Media Strategy Development

11:50 am–12:30 pm

Beyond KPIs: Measuring Success on Social Media, Learning From Your Analytics and Reaching Your Social Media Goals

Loïc Bommersbach
Social Media Manager

CERN is the world's largest particle-physics laboratory. Thousands of scientists from all over the world work together to advance our knowledge of matter, its fundamental constituents and the forces that link them. With more than 2.5 million followers on Twitter, nearly 700,000 fans on Facebook and more than 450,000 followers on Instagram, CERN has built a large community on social media. But is that enough? We still need to publish engaging posts, publications that speak to our followers and makes them want to click, enjoy and share. The challenge is how to reach more people while staying true to the Laboratory’s ideals and values. 

With social media today, scientific institutes must work hard to be stronger than Facebook, Twitter or Instagram algorithms. This requires getting closer to the online community by showing more of what we do on a daily basis in our facilities while continuing to make people dream. Content such as Facebook Live, 360° images and videos, Instagram Stories and scientists directly engaging with questions from an online community all work to build engagement.

This talk presents CERN's quantitative objectives and KPIs on social media and shares how we go beyond these in analyzing the impact of social media posts. Because behind the numbers, it can be more important to redefine success on social media.

Key takeaways include:

  • What are the most relevant KPIs on social media in 2020?
  • How to classify “engagement” on social media
  • How to learn from your KPIs
  • How to best use your budget on social media campaigns


1:30 pm–2:10 pm

Launching Uber Eats in APAC: Building a Regional and Global Social Team

Ryan Reynolds
Global Social and Content Lead

Ryan will share the considerations and framework to build a successful social media marketing strategy, as well as methods to achieve leadership and cross-functional buy-in. Whether your goal is to add value to a current strategy or develop a foundational plan from the ground up, this session is perfect for attendees that want to optimize the way they plan, activate, and measure a successful social media program.

1 - Identify the building blocks of a social media strategy
2 - Develop a scalable cohesive social structure
3 - Align social KPIs with business objectives

Program B: Content Creation & Marketing

11:50 am–12:30 pm

Balancing Creativity with SEO to Produce Your Highest Ranking Content

Brad O'Brien
VP of Social

As the creator of the creative matrix, Brad will discuss ways attendees can fuse the art and science of marketing and SEO, and how to use data-backed creativity to drive growth. Brad will share how data can remove busywork from campaigns, opening up more room for creative thought. He will also discuss the ways data empowers brands to make creative decisions—allowing social teams to make creative decisions and pivot quickly to another approach if it's not working.

1:30 pm–2:10 pm

How to Produce Consistent & Quality Content with a Scrappy Team

Josh Mohr
Vice President of Marketing

You’ll walk away from this session motivated to find simplicity in your content strategy. Josh will walk through Revive Kombucha’s process of creating content; one that’s resulted in quadrupling the size of its Instagram following in just over a year while not relying on an agency or even having an employee with “digital” in their title.

 This session will provide a first-hand peek behind the curtain of a small brand’s ability to set its content strategy, find its core team and yield consistent brand-building content with high impact.

Program C: Influencer Marketing Strategies

11:00 am–11:40 am

Achieving Influencer Marketing Results with An Agency or an In-House Team

Amanda Chavira
Influencer Marketing Manager

Influencer Marketing is not a one-size-fits-all industry. Based on your company’s KPIs, budget, and overall marketing workflow - your strategy may just dictate itself. However, as brands continue to spend more and more dollars on the ever-growing industry, many have started creating internal influencer marketing teams to create and manage longterm relationships. Learn how to get started (regardless of your resources) from one of Dollar Shave Club’s Influencer Marketing leads, Amanda Chavira. Amanda will walk you through the process of how to get started via an agency, how to bring the process in house and how to achieve results from an in-house team.

1:30 pm–2:10 pm

Influencer ROI: 400K to 1.6M in less than 1 year using Instagram Marketing

Shane Barker
Digital Strategist, Brand and Influencer Consultant

This session will cover how Zoe Rodriguez, CEO of ZBody Fitness Inc., managed to boost her sales and maximize ROI through Instagram influencer marketing. She worked with several micro-influencers in the fitness industry who told authentic stories to promote her fitness programs and ebooks. This authentic storytelling coming from relevant Instagram influencers resulted in an impressive 3.5X increase in ROI. In this session, I will share a breakdown of the steps taken to achieve this.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to work with highly relevant influencers to reach the right target audience.
  • How to tell authentic stories with real results and win the trust of your target audience.
  • How to offer the right bundle packages to upsell and increase your revenue.
  • How to inspire others to tell their personal stories and turn them into valuable brand advocates.
  • How to build long-term relationships with influencers, even long after the campaign has ended.

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