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280 characters is all it takes to tell your story. In this dynamic presentation, dive into the art of utilizing X (Twitter) as a strategic tool to connect with communities effectively. In a world where attention spans are fleeting, harnessing the creativity of social media becomes crucial. This session isn't just about tweets; it's about creating engagement that resonates with the public. From crafting compelling tweets during emergencies to building a social presence that fosters trust to telling the behind-the-scenes stories of first responders, explore the best practices that will elevate your impact on Twitter.

Key learning points:

  1. Crafting Attention-Grabbing Tweets: Learn techniques to compose concise yet impactful tweets that grab attention.
  2. Building Trust Through Social Presence: Understand how to cultivate a trustworthy and approachable online persona, strengthening the connection with the community.
  3. Crisis Communication Strategies: Explore best practices for utilizing Twitter as a real-time communication platform during emergencies.

Alaina Gertz
Deputy Director of Public Affairs
Fairfax County Police Department