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Social Media shouldn't be a one-way communication tool. There's a chance to not just learn from your followers but also to teach them. And the only way to do that is through engagement -- talk to them. What audience insights can you glean from the information shared in your comments section? What are the important elements of a successful social customer service strategy? What are examples of positive opportunities that can come from engagement, and what are the consequences if you choose not to engage at all? Steven will explore these topics and provide tips and tricks to help your accounts succeed with examples from his own work accounts.

You’ll learn:
  • How to determine the right level of engagement for your agency.
  • What "putting the social in social media" really means and easy ways to implement this at your own agency today.
  • How to use the comments section as an opportunity for education, connection, and trust-building.
  • How to close off comments on popular social media sites (and why that may not be the best approach).

Steven Friederich
Public Information Officer
Washington Emergency Management Division