Tyler Whitlow

Shasta Solutions

Tyler is an investor and serial entrepreneur. Founder of Shasta Solutions, a modern-day communication’s consulting company which houses social media partnerships including, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Hulu and more. His passion for social media, Consumer experience and community engagement has led him to become a leading expert in community growth and sustainability. He works with all genres of organizations, and enjoys creating a positive impact with local governments, first responder agencies and military/veteran organizations.


In addition to running Shasta Solutions, Tyler is also board/advisory member for the following organizations: 

  • Forbes Tech Council 
  • Facebook Community Council 
  • Luis Miramontes Memorial Foundation (Cancer services in the North State)
  • One Safe Place Media Council

Tyler has been a guest speaker for: 

  • Facebook: Community responsibility group 
  • Chico State University: Marketing and advertising class (multiple times)
  • California Real Estate Summit: Building a social community
  • Simpson University: Business classes (multiple times)
  • Women's Business league of California: Discussion on social responsibility
  • Sinclair Broadcast Group: Developing a digital agency
  • Google: Put your business on the map
  • Youtube: Social responsibility group
  • Vidcon: Social Kindness

Tyler Whitlow’s Session

11:45 a.m.–12:30 p.m. Pacific — Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Using Social Media To Build A Community & Increase Engagement on Facebook

In this session, we will explore how agencies can use social media to build a community and increase engagement among members. We will discuss strategies for creating and maintaining a strong online presence, including developing a consistent brand voice, engaging with followers, and using analytics to track progress. We will also explore the different types of content agencies can use to spark conversation and encourage engagement, such as user-generated content, live streaming, and interactive polls. Finally, we will discuss the importance of fostering a sense of community among members through groups, events, and other interactive features. Whether you are an individual or a large municipality, this keynote will provide valuable insights and actionable strategies for leveraging social media to build a robust and engaged community.
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