Carol Henke

Public Information Officer & Spokesperson
Calgary Fire Department, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Carol is a 21-year member of the Calgary Fire Department (CFD) and has held various positions, from Firefighter to Fire Inspector, Community Safety Officer, and Public Information Officer. Carol joined the CFD with a Psychology and Nursing degree from the University of Manitoba to become the eighth woman hired as a firefighter in the department's history. Carol is passionate about serving the community and is completing her Professional Writing Certificate specializing in Marketing and Public Relations through the University of Calgary. Carol uses her ten years of spokesperson experience to train and teach CFD members who may find themselves speaking to the media at some point in their careers. She also gives each recruit class a social media awareness class to set them up for success regarding reputation management issues. Some may say she is old, but really, she is just very experienced with a 'young at heart' attitude.

Carol Henke’s Session

Social Media Awareness and Reputation Management: Setting Your People and Organization Up For Success

Many first responders have social media accounts. Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook can be excellent tools to spread proactive safety messages, connect and engage with your community and expand your “brand” recognition. They can be reputation enhancers both personally for staff and your department. What could go wrong?

In this session, you will:

  • See examples of how easily a thoughtless or inappropriate social media post can damage your organization's reputation.
  • Learn how to set your people up for success when they engage on their private social media accounts.
  • Tips and examples of what and what not to share using real-world examples
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