Eric Hurst

Public Information Officer
South Metro Fire Rescue

Eric Hurst is a social media manager for South Metro Fire Rescue (SMFR) in Metro Denver Colorado.  SMFR is an ISO Class 1, internationally accredited agency located in a top 20 media market. Eric responds as the lead spokesperson to all-hazards emergencies across a 287 square mile urban, suburban and rural district.  During breaking news coverage as a Public Information Officer (PIO), Eric has created a nationally trending hashtag and his videography has gone viral multiple times across international news platforms. As a video producer and vlogger Eric contributes to the “South Metro Fire Rescue PIO” YouTube channel, the most subscribed to official fire department channel on the platform.  As a photographer Eric’s images can be found on the cover of magazines and newspapers, in various firefighting periodicals and digitally, including National Geographic online. As a social media aficionado Eric is a contributing author to FireEngineering Magazine and presents on the topic of fire service social media across the country. As a student Eric is thirsty for fresh ideas and cutting-edge technology to help raise the bar for the community and media partners he serves.

Eric Hurst’s Session

11:45 a.m.–12:30 p.m. Pacific — Thursday, April 13, 2023

Balancing Fun and Professional Messaging on Social

What's worse than a stand-up comedian's punch line being met with live audience silence? A government agency sharing an offensive or cringe-worthy post meant to be funny. Your organization's reputation is no laughing matter, but humor can coexist with professionalism. In fact, there are countless positive examples of public safety agencies scoring giggles, shares, and new followers.

The South Metro content creation strategy focuses on three primary factors to consider before an idea becomes public record with the click of a mouse. Additionally, determining which platforms and their respective online communities will appreciate your creativity is vital to success. Eric will share some chuckles and highlight South Metro's balance of fun and professionalism. 

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