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For many government professionals, managing social media is just one small part of the many media and communications duties they’re responsible for. With social media becoming an increasingly essential platform for sharing information, how can PIOs and other comms professionals prioritize it with an already-full plate?

Discussion topics include:

  • Specific strategies for balancing the demands of your primary role with your social media role
  • Examples of how PIOs break up their days and the time they spend on social media and creating content
  • Set yourself up for success on social by creating templates that you can repurpose for common cases and news information
  • How to collaborate with leadership to prioritize social media and leverage its reach and shareability
  • How to successfully integrate social media with your overall comms strategy to ensure social has a seat at the table
  • Blocking time for social media during a critical incident or disaster, along with examples from our panelists


Jody D. Donaldson
Chief Marketing & Communications Officer
North Carolina Department of Public Safety


Amanda Hunter
Public Information Manager
Pasco Sheriff's Office

Raquel Zick
Public Information Officer
Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office

Kevin Maccioli
Director of Media Relations & Public Information
Middlesex Sheriff's Office