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Coming up with fresh content ideas regularly can be a huge challenge for social media managers. This panel will share their processes for keeping content relevant and interesting without draining their resources. 

Discussion topics include:

  • How to change up outdated posts for new and fresh ones
  • Getting both sworn and professional staff to weigh in on content ideas (when you don’t have a social media team)
  • What to do if gathering content and information is difficult (because of limited infrastructure or large coverage areas)
  • How to make boring topics more interesting
  • Creating topics in bunches to save for days you aren’t feeling inspired
  • Approaching new marketing channels and fresh content that’s needed for them

Trent Faris
Public Information Officer
York County Sheriff’s Office, South Carolina


Ty Wood
Public Information Officer
Clovis Police Department

Austin McDaniel
Communications Director
Alaska State Troopers

Rebecca D'Auria
Public Affairs Specialist
Orange County Sheriff's Department