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Alix Bowman

VP of Customer Experience
Alix Bowman leads the CX team as VP of Customer at ArchiveSocial and is an expert on social media network operations. Alix has over 13 years of experience bringing groundbreaking strategies to life with sustainable concepts, development, and execution. She is an award-winning entrepreneur and startup strategist, who has been recognized on numerous occasions for her dedication, leadership, and ability to identify consumer needs.

Alix Bowman’s Session

8:45 am–9:30 am PT —

The Biggest Lessons Learned in 2020 From Public Sector Social Media

2020 saw a massive increase in traffic on social media, particularly on public sector accounts. People stuck at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic turned to social media to seek advice, information, and aid at unprecedented levels. They also used official public agency pages as an outlet for the frustration, anxiety, fear, and anger they were feeling not just about the pandemic, but also about elections, wildfires, protests, and more.

Before 2020 went sideways, we surveyed hundreds of government, law enforcement, and public education entities for our annual State of Social Media Public Sector benchmark report. What we found was that many of the best social media strategies revealed in the survey helped position agencies to weather even the worst of 2020. Join us as we share insights from your peers on long-term best practices, and how you can optimize your social media presence and security for stronger communication and engagement no matter what comes your way.

Takeaways include:

  • Gain a snapshot of how other agencies pivoted their strategy to manage social in 2020
  • Find out where you should focus your limited resources for maximum impact
  • Access tips to save you time and mitigate risk on social media content
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