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Wednesday, February 3, 2021    11:45 am–12:30 pm PT

Managing Your Personal Social Media Brand for Public Safety Leaders

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Being a leader in public safety requires transparency, communication, and the ability to form a foundation of trust with your community. However, the social media platform accounts we use are often blurred between your personal life, public image, and responsibilities and professional responsibilities.

This session takes a deep dive into how best to establish your personal professional brand for community-facing social media. It provides practical concepts and tools for establishing your public safety professional voice, how to make you more relatable to who you serve, and how-to avoid creep between your personal life/views and the information you need to convey as a community leader.


  • Key factors for content, voice, and imagery when developing your professional brand. How to seamlessly connect your professional accounts with your organization's social media platforms to help ensure they accentuate each other.
  • An understanding of how your personal brand can amplify your message and image when personal detractors are removed.
  • How establishing your individual professional presence supports credibility, communication, and transparency not only of you - but of your organization.


Nathan J. Trauernicht
Fire Chief
UC Davis Fire Department

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