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Constable Laurie McCann

Social Media Officer
Toronto Police Service

Constable Laurie McCann is an active Law Enforcement officer For the Toronto Police Service and has been for the past 24 years. She has been actively involved with Social Media for 12 years now. She has spoken nationally and internationally on Social Media, Cyberbullying, apps and internet safety. Laurie has spoken to students, parents and other Law enforcement agencies regarding Social Media and the effects of Cyberbullying, Sexting, and safe Internet use.

Constable Laurie McCann’s Session(s):

11:45 a.m.–12:30 p.m. Pacific Time —

Panel: Humanizing Your Agency Through Social Content

Social media can be an incredible tool to help forge stronger relationships between first responder agencies and the public they serve. How can we begin to change the perception the public has regarding law enforcement and other public safety officers in their communities?

Discussion topics include:

  • How to identify humanizing stories and share successes through agency-specific campaigns
  • Content ideas for humanizing your agency that can be adapted across platforms
  • Integrating impactful community engagement into your agency’s DNA
  • Understanding the difference between a corporate account and a professional account and the benefits of each
  • Identifying the best opportunities to engage through social accounts (and when not to engage)
  • The art of communicating with citizens who distrust law enforcement

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