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Tuesday, May 10, 2022    9:45 a.m.–10:30 a.m. Pacific Time

Rebranding Your Social Media on a Shoestring Budget: Finding What Matters Most

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Rebranding your social media platforms can seem like a daunting task. However, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming or expensive. By setting up a few branding basics, finding consistency and narrowing down your goals for social media, your brand can be easily recognizable and professional. 

This session will help you determine some branding consistencies, as well as your brand goals, or what you’d like your agency to say. You’ll be able to create a basic branding guideline for your agency and learn why this can be an integral tool to allowing your agency to be recognized in your community.

You’ll see a real-life example of this as I walk you through the Pasco Sheriff’s Office’s transition from a social media strategy that valued frequent posts that were light on explanation and void on brand identity, to a cohesive social media strategy with guardrails for posting, built with a few simple tools you may already have. 

Takeaways include:

  • Identify the most important parts of your agency’s brand and your agency’s message
  • Elevate your agency’s brand across multiple platforms
  • Build a basic branding guideline


Amanda Hunter
Public Information Manager
Pasco Sheriff's Office

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