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Connor Hagan

Public Affairs Officer
FBI Little Rock

Connor Hagan entered on duty with the FBI in July 2015 as a member of the Milwaukee Field Office’s Special Surveillance Group. In this position, he covertly surveilled and documented the activities of foreign spies and suspected terrorists to further critical national security investigations. In May 2016, he moved into the Milwaukee Field Office as an Operational Support Technician. In this role, Connor provided administrative assistance to Special Agents and Intelligence Analysts in support of the missions of the Counterterrorism, Counterintelligence, HUMINT, and Violent Crime squads. In January 2018, he transferred to the Houston Field Office as an FBI Public Affairs Officer. Then in December 2019, he transferred to the FBI Little Rock Office. In this position, he operates as the sole FBI PAO and media representative for the state. He frequently responds to FBI critical incidents, answers a variety of daily media requests, writes numerous press releases about federal investigations, and highlights compelling FBI cases for media and public attention. He also works to maintain an active FBI Little Rock social media presence and is building relationships with numerous media, law enforcement, and community leaders throughout Arkansas.

Connor Hagan’s Session(s):

9:00am - 9:45am PDT —

Leveraging Live Social Content to Connect With Your Communities During Social Distancing

As we’ve clearly seen in the past few months, relationships between police and their communities are critical. The public’s trust in a law enforcement impacts everything from agency funding to investigative leads in major cases. So how can police agencies share their perspective and highlight their unique employees and capabilities? One great way is to use “live” content over established social media accounts. 

In this workshop, we will detail the ways in which an agency can:

    1. Plan for “live” social media content
    2. Assess social media interest in specific topics
    3. Adapt to difficult interactions during a “live” social media event
    4. Create best practices for future social media engagement with your community

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