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Unlock your design potential with our session, "Mastering Canva Like a Pro: Latest Hacks, Tips, and AI Tricks!" Dive into the world of Canva's Magic Studio and cutting-edge AI features. Elevate your design game, boost productivity, and stay at the forefront of design trends. Join us for an inspiring journey to unleash your creativity.

This talk will cover:

Canva Basics
A. Overview of Canvas core features
B. Navigational tips

Magic Studio Unveiled
A. Introduction to Canva's Magic Studio
B. Live demo and practical tips

AI in Design
A. Exploring Canva's AI-driven functionalities
B. Hands-on experience with AI features

Advanced Tips
A. Expert hacks for efficiency
B. Creative techniques for standout designs

Collaboration and Integration
A. Canva's collaborative tools
B. Integration with other platforms

Canva Updates
A. Recent enhancements and roadmap
B. Staying updated with Canva

Case Studies
A. Real-world examples and inspiration


Anndrea Harris
Creative Director
City of Wichita Falls / Whooann Creative Studio