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Your social audience is crucial to your organization’s outreach — yet many government agencies do not include followers’ input when making official decisions. In fact, research shows it takes 47 online messages to a public agency to equal the same influence as 1 message delivered in person. Overcoming barriers to using social feedback in decision-making starts with empowering leaders and colleagues within your organization.

Learn techniques to collect and analyze feedback to make the process more accessible and engaging for your audience and coworkers. Discover ways to humanize your social audience to colleagues and build trust with key players. Use data to help decision-makers understand the importance of social feedback to make more effective, informed, and representative choices.


  • Identify what barriers exist — and why — and learn strategies to overcome resistance.
  • Help leaders and colleagues understand the importance of digital engagement.
  • Advocate for your social audience in your organization’s decision-making process.

Warren Kagarise
Digital Engagement Manager
King County, WA