Tony Adamo

Communications & Media Specialist - Parks & Recreation
City of McKinney

Tony Adamo, the Parks & Recreation Department’s Communication & Media Specialist in McKinney, Texas, is like a digital Jedi with over 15 years of experience across four different local government roles. He’s been the maestro behind the scenes for Parks & Rec, a literary wizard at the public library, and a tour de force for a top conventions and visitors’ bureau in north Texas, expertly managing marketing, communications, event planning, and even the occasional crowd herding. He doesn’t don a Jedi robe just yet, but the force is strong with this one. Currently, he’s masterfully orchestrating digital communications, refining marketing programs, and tackling those ever-elusive “other duties as assigned.”

Tony’s journey is paved with achievements, including a Master of Arts in Emerging Communication from the University of Texas at Dallas and the esteemed title of Texas Destination Marketer from the Texas Association of CVBs. He humorously likens himself to a mix of Tom Haverford’s finesse and Andy Dwyer’s endearing goofiness, making him an all-around cool dude in the world of local government and pop culture references.

Tony Adamo’s Session

10:30 a.m.–11:15 a.m. PT — Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Organizational Buy-In & Support: Building a Culture of Social Media Advocacy

In this engaging session, we'll share the ways in which creatives can play a pivotal role in assisting colleagues from various departments who (believe they) don't have innate creative talents. We'll explore the strategies, tools, and collaborative approaches that bridge the gap and help individuals of all backgrounds craft compelling and shareable content while simultaneously providing essential support and content ideas for teams with limited resources. You have the resources right in front of you; you just haven’t met them yet.

Through real-life success stories, attendees will be inspired and motivated to foster more meaningful and impactful connections within their organization and community.

You’ll be empowered with:
- Practical cross-departmental content strategies 
- Collaboration insights to encourage idea-sharing
- Creative problem-solving tactics to overcome challenges 

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