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Alix Bowman

VP of Customer Experience
Alix Bowman leads the CX team as VP of Customer at ArchiveSocial and is an expert on social media network operations. Alix has over 13 years of experience bringing groundbreaking strategies to life with sustainable concepts, development, and execution. She is an award-winning entrepreneur and startup strategist, who has been recognized on numerous occasions for her dedication, leadership, and ability to identify consumer needs.

Alix Bowman’s Session

8:15am - 9:00am Pacific Time —

Saving Public Officials from Themselves on Social Media

As thousands of newly elected officials take office this January, many of them will be bringing bad social media habits along with them. As a government communicator, you might think it’s not your problem. But the public may not distinguish between a cringeworthy tweet by your newest City Council member and one coming from your agency account.

In this session you’ll learn strategies to help guide your newly elected and career politicians alike to minimize the risk to your agency, help build a sustainable presence for your officeholders, and maintain a positive public perception for both your agency and your elected officials.

Alix will cover: 

  • Best practices to develop and manage your public officials’ social media presence and how to help them make the transition from private citizen to public official
  • Tactics that promote transparency and protect your agency
  • Major risk areas & potential legal issues for public officials on social media, including First Amendment & Open Meeting law pitfalls to avoid
  • Insight into frequently asked questions around public official social media. 
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