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Send Me What You’ve Got – Building Relationships with Road Crews to Enhance Your Messaging

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With so much already on our plate, getting out in the field can be tough. But getting images from the field can be the difference between your content being overlooked and really having an impact. Fortunately we all work with crews who are already out there, but may not know how, when or if to send in pictures or video that could ultimately make or break your social media posts.

Take advantage of having teammates who are in the middle of a snow storm, at the scene of a crash or maybe just in a place with a view that most of us never see. Learn to develop relationships with them so they know what you’re looking for and where to send it. Show them they’re part of the team and teach them how to help you make your content even more valuable to the community.

  • How to make the initial ask to workers who may not understand the value of communications
  • Teach them how best to use their equipment to capture images
  • How to show road crews that their contributions make a difference
  • What pitfalls to be on the lookout for when getting content from non-communicators


Mike Allende
Social Media Manager
Washington State Department of Transportation

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