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Jessie Brown

Social Media Specialist
Iowa Department of Natural Resources

Jessie Brown is the social media specialist for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, whose content is seen more than a million times each week. Jessie believes in the power of social media to inspire, engage, educate and build quality relationships between government agencies and their audiences.

As a lifelong Iowa outdoor enthusiast, she takes great joy in inspiring and encouraging fellow Iowans to embark on new outdoor pursuits and to become greater stewards of nature.

Social Media Club Des Moines' 2017 Social Media Professional of the Year, Jessie's led a charge to develop government social media that’s resulted in national, state and local recognition. She currently serves as the Midwest representative for Government Social Media’s Member Council, has served on the board of Social Media Club Des Moines, and works to help other social media professionals stay emotionally and mentally resilient in an often taxing and stressful career.

Jessie Brown’s Session

9:30 a.m.–10:15 a.m. Pacific Time — Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Embracing the Comments Section: Navigating Customer Service, Trolls, & Negativity on Social Media

The common refrain of “don’t feed the trolls” among social media managers is rooted in good intentions but leads to missed opportunities and builds barriers between you and your audiences. Social media is social for a reason, and embracing the comment section – with strategy, honesty, and humor – will help you grow engagement, your audience, and most importantly, your relationship with the people you serve.

We’ll discuss:

  • Discerning true trolls from concerned residents
  • Creating opportunities from negativity while assessing risk
  • First Amendment considerations 
  • Handling vitriol and negativity with empathy and resilience
  • Developing brand advocates
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