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April Leonard, MA

Social Media Specialist
City of Kansas City, MO

April serves as the Social Media Specialist for the City of Kansas City, Missouri (KCMO), where she manages the City's social media pages and oversees campaigns for over 17 departments. Kansas City's social media presence includes Facebook (Meta), Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Nextdoor. She trains city employees on social media management. Most recently, she live-streamed POTUS in Kansas City regarding the latest Infrastructure bill passed to "Build Back Better" and won an award for the 2022 KCMO City Hall Selfie Day content. 

Previously, April worked with NBC Universal, BET, and Telepictures. She has also served as a Publicist for a celebrity public relations firm, a social media manager for a nonprofit organization, and a communications director for a fashion organization. She brings eight years of social media experience and 12+ years of experience in communications to her work, as well as a master's in communications and a bachelor's degree in political science with a minor in Africana Studies. April is a leader with an authoritative voice in the social media community. April has been invited as a guest speaker for the International Social Media Club, RAPIO, Global ties (twice), Ragan Communications/PR Daily's "Speech Writing & Public Affairs conference," and their 2022 "Social Media Conference" at Walt Disney World. 

April not only curates' assets but also develops and produces content. Whether she is setting a concept, filming an event or project, editing video segments, or creating graphics, April jumps in wherever needed to ensure campaigns are complete. Occasionally, April can be seen on the City's govt channel as a host for the weekly report. She has also lent her image as a model to reproduce the famous "Kansas City Spirit" image used for the recent City's Budget Proposal and the Comprehensive Plan, "The KC Playbook." The team project was successful, and the graphic developed using her likeness is now a fixture in the Kansas City Museum. You can also find her image on several Hallmark cards and products. 

April finds creative ways to engage residents while keeping them informed & entertained. For instance, April live streamed from the Mayors & State Reps float during the Chiefs Superbowl Championship parade. 

Please follow the City @KansasCity on Instagram and Twitter and @KansasCityGov on Facebook (Meta), and LinkedIn

April Leonard, MA’s Session:

8:15 a.m.–9:00 a.m. Pacific Time —

Panel: A Framework for Building Your Brand Voice & Tone - Finding Your Agency's Balance Between Fun, Professional, and Authentic

Panelists will share their experiences building unique brand voices, what they’ve learned along the way, and what attending agencies should consider as they build their own brand online.

Topics include:

  • How brand voice and messaging varies depending on the platform
  • The right time and place to lean on playful messaging and when not to
  • The role of data in understanding your audience and how that shapes your brand voice
  • How your brand voice can and should evolve over time, based on changing audience needs and brand expectations
  • The role of a brand in building community, relationships, and trust
  • Steps to avoid tone-deaf messaging
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