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Your Framework to Consistently Put out Creative Content with Limited Resources & Personnel

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Small agencies have even smaller teams with limited budgets. Maybe you’re a one-person show; charged with responding to media calls and designing flyers, AND posting to Facebook. But, how can you possibly write news releases, attend press conferences, reply to thousands of comments and finally have something creative to tweet on Twitter? You’re probably thinking there aren’t enough hours in the day…

With a few tools, a plan, and a little creativity, you (or your team) can consistently put out creative content without reinventing the wheel. A strategic social media manager works smarter, not harder.

You’ll leave this presentation with the following knowledge:

  • Equipment every small team should have in their arsenal
  • Must-have social tools designed to make your job easier
  • How to repurpose content for various platforms
  • and more!

Who this talk is for: Agency or department employees responsible for content creation or planning; public information officers or other communication leads whose role involves the development of engaging social posts/photos/videos.


Michelle Proffitt
Public Safety Information Director
University of South Carolina

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