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Brad Perez

Fort Worth Police Department

Officer Brad Perez has been with the Fort Worth Police Department for 17 years.  As a hobby, Brad began making videos for the department and the Chief took notice and asked Brad to join the Public Relations Office back in December 2015 to help with recruitment. 

Brad's first recruitment video for the Department's Facebook page went viral with over 1 million views and received national coverage. His next recruitment video received over 21 million views and went international. Brad's 3rd recruitment video received over 2 million views and again received national coverage. And all of these videos have cost next to nothing to produce. The recruitment videos were so effective, that at one point, the Fort Worth Police Department was at max capacity and Brad was instructed not to create any more recruitment videos until needed.

Brad has spoken and shared his winning formula at Major City Chiefs Association, Government Social Media Conference and Insight Exchange Network explaining how you don't have to spend a lot of money to successfully recruit. 

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