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John Reid

Glacier Communications
John Reid has nearly a decade of experience in the youth advertising space, developing and executing innovative digital media campaigns of all sizes. John has had the pleasure of working with prominent higher education institutions such as Columbia University, government agencies like the DC National Guard, and non-profits such as Big Brothers Big Sisters. 
In his role at Glacier, John oversees concept development and strategic direction. He utilizes his experience and Glacier's heavy investment in research to understand the best way to reach youth while conveying values they identify with. Whether it is an anti-vaping campaign targeting underserved youth or a high-level vaccination campaign, John understands the tactics and strategies required to deliver the best results without breaking the bank. 

John Reid’s Session(s):

9:45 a.m.–10:30 a.m. Pacific Time — Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Reaching Digital Natives: How Public Institutions Can Create Meaningful Youth Engagement

Youth audiences can be particularly difficult to connect with: privacy regulations are constantly changing, youth are exposed to more than 6,000 ads each day and their online habits are evolving. Compounding those challenges, public institutions like governments, charities, and non-profits often have unique process, compliance, and branding needs.

Backed by decades of youth advertising experience, John Reid and Pete Baird will demonstrate how to develop a messaging strategy that resonates, analyze the most effective channels to create impact, and provide real-life examples to tie it all together. The time is now to take your youth advertising strategy to the next level. 

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