John Gonzalez

Communications Manager
Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District

John Gonzalez is the Communications Manager and handles social media for the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District in Cleveland. The Sewer District has been actively engaged in social media since 2009, building reliable followings on Twitter, Facebook, and elsewhere to share updates, answer questions, and promote often-overlooked aspects of clean-water work. He also contributes to the utility’s public outreach strategy and oversees its internal communications programs.

John Gonzalez’s Session

10:45 a.m.–11:30 a.m. Pacific — Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Influensewers: Building Social Media Buy-In With Your Leadership Teams

The social media landscape can be a scary place, especially for public agencies. Intimidating, emotional, and time-consuming — but ignoring social media comes with its own risks, costs, and calculations. How do you assess these realities with your executive teams and gain support for your social media comms efforts?

In this session, you’ll learn how a sewer and stormwater utility first gained leadership support for its social media endeavors as early as 2010, and what efforts have kept them—and tens of thousands of social followers—engaged ever since.

You’ll learn:

  • How to read your managers’ minds (lol is this really possible)
  • How to build trust outside your comms team
  • Must-ask questions when considering your social media resources
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