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AI is fast becoming the hot topic of the year! AI tool ChatGPT is one of the fastest-growing tech platforms, with over 1 million registered users in just five days. With the arrival of various AI tools currently in use and on the horizon, staying up to date will become an essential part of the communicator’s role.

In this session, you’ll learn how to leverage AI to help improve efficiencies and free up time to focus on your biggest communication projects within your organization. 

This session will cover the basics of AI and how it’s evolving. It will also provide a view into the available resources (many free) that you can take advantage of to improve your communication performance.

You’ll learn:

  • An overview of AI and how it’s changing the way we do business
  • Tools to use that will improve your communication across the organization
  • Tips and resources readily available to maximize your time and performance

Tony Roth
Communications & Media Manager
City of Coolidge, Arizona