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Thursday, November 2, 2017 - 4:50PM - 5:30PM

Why tailoring matters: The benefits of diversifying your social media content

In a world where higher ed social media managers are often faced with a pressure to do more with less, it’s tempting to do what’s “easy” on social media: blast your content across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and every other channel possible, maybe changing a word or hashtag here or there. With more and more social media platforms adapting and developing similar features to one another (looking at you, Facebook Stories…), it can be challenging to post and/or create unique content consistently within your social media program.

This session explores the value in taking those few moments to tailor your content to a particular channel through identifying key audiences and choosing the appropriate feature within your selected channel – a small sacrifice that will help create unique and memorable user experiences.

Session attendees takeaways:

  • A strategic framework for selecting the appropriate content channel
  • The benefits of multi-channel marketing with a social media mindset
  • In practice: a look at examples at Texas A&M
  • Tools and resources for creating unique content on the go


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Krista Smith
Director of Social Media
Texas A&M University

About your Presenter

Krista Smith is the manager of digital marketing and social media in the Division of Marketing & Communications at Texas A&M University. Krista works to curate the digital presence of the university to grow the Texas A&M brand and provides strategic direction for the university’s social media program. She has built and managed content and campaigns across Texas A&M’s social media platforms, leading to the university consistently being recognized as one of the most engaging and influential universities online. Krista holds a B.A. in Communication from Texas A&M and an MBA with a concentration in marketing from the University of Houston.


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