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Thursday, November 2, 2017 - 8:00AM - 10:00AM

Writing an effective and scalable social media policy to ensure consistent brand messaging across channels

This training session will explore the glamorous and captivating world of social media policy development. There's a certain mystique attached to this process that everyone on campus will want to know about. Just wait...you'll leave this session and immediately head back to work to rewrite your school's social policy and the campus will be buzzing about you. By the time you are done, you'll receive tweets and snaps captioned: "That was the best 47-page document I ever read!" and "Who knew that I was allowed to be proactive on social in my department!"

Seriously though, it's policy development and no one likes that, let alone the people who have to live by it! The phrase, "You can't please everyone," comes to mind. However, every institution has to have something on record that guides their social rules of engagement. Brian will walk you through how SJC updated an 8-year old set of guidelines (one-page) into a positive and proactive set of social rules of engagement.

We'll look to see that for every "don't" in a policy, is there a "do". Have you thought about content development and messaging, brand management, promotions and contests, account takeovers, crisis scenarios, account creation, commenting guidelines and even how your upper administration should use social? How do you get campus buy-in? What about enforcement, violations, updates? Join us to learn about these policy topics and more.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn how to critically examine what topics are necessary in a campus social media policy.
  • Resources for writing an institution's social media policy will be analyzed and shared including a checklist of the topics that must be included.
  • Attendees will leave the session having analyzed and rewritten the social media policy for a fictitious university.


Overview: How do you determine if a campus policy rewrite is needed? Where do you begin? The conversation in this session begins with a look at an outdated set of guidelines and an analysis of the missing elements.

Hands-on research: Attendees will examine publicly posted higher education social media policies in a collaborative effort. This guided research is helpful in setting up the framework for any new policy.

Policy rewrite: After reviewing the existing policy for a fictitious university with colleagues, attendees will take a careful point-by-point analysis to determine what needs modification and what is missing. Attendees will reconvene as a larger group to discuss the results.

Brian Wasson
Executive Social Media Director
St. Joseph's College

Who Is This Social Media Training For?
Higher ed social media directors and managers, content creators, community managers, and other administration including VPs of marketing, communication, and public relations.

Social Media Training Price:

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About your Presenter

Develop. Implement. Oversee. Create. Collaborate. Coordinate. Educate. Listen. Respond. Pick a verb and attach social media to it. That's what I do. I loved being part of the team that brought St. Joseph's College into the social media world in 2009 and now I get to manage all of it. It has been fun and exciting to watch the social landscape change quickly since then.

Seating is limited - save your seat!

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Can I bring my team to the trainings?
Absolutely! Contact Audrey [email protected] about group discounts for attending trainings.

Are trainings included in my general summit access pass?
No, access to these trainings is not included in your purchase of a Social Media Strategies Summit general summit pass. If you want to attend the trainings, you’ll need to purchase a dedicated ticket to that training.

How many people attend trainings?
We limit seating to 40 to make sure the training leader has time to work one-on-one with attendees. Reserve your seat as soon as possible - they fill up quickly!

Can I attend multiple trainings?
Yes! There are both 8am and 10:15am trainings - you can register for 1 training, or sign up for 2 at a discount.

Attendees are required to sign up for their training in advance so that training presenters can know exactly who they’ll be teaching to - and tailor content especially for you! Resources and presentation slides for each training will be available post-conference

What past attendees say about our trainings:

The workshops are worth the extra day away from the office! Great info for the extra cost.

- Katie Neuman,
Northwestern Publishing House Christian Books and Gifts

SMSS really emphasizes the collaborative innovative nature of creating social media content. I have a million new ideas that I can't wait to share with my colleagues.

- Katie Monfet,
Eastern Florida State College

Enjoyed the small workshop size, made it easy to engage, learn and speak to presenters.

- Nancy McKenzie,
Hill’s Pet Nutrition

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