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SMSsummit packs in all the education, case studies, networking
and inspiration you need to accelerate your career.

Here’s why your team needs to be there.

Leave with real-world, applicable knowledge and tips to get you thinking out of the box and generating fresh ideas.

SMSsummit is your reliable source for the latest best practices in social media marketing in higher education. Over the course of 3 days, you have access to higher-education focused sessions and an additional 30 consumer brand-focused talks. Our cross-industry focus equips you with the tools and strategies you need to create a strong-performing, engaging social media presence for your institution.

A great opportunity to honestly discuss the issues facing higher ed and how social media can bridge the gaps.

Shawna Burger
Ohio State

Benefit and learn from a rich, diverse mix of perspectives and marketing knowledge.

Meet other senior marketers across higher education, media, healthcare, finance, travel, CPG and technology industries that are as dedicated to social media marketing excellence as you are. Our interactive and intimate conference atmosphere and emphasis on peer-to-peer learning give you the opportunity to network with every single attendee and speaker at the event.

It was so refreshing and rewarding to be with this social community IRL! The social media strategies summit was an incredible experience and I left with new ideas but more importantly tools and resources to take Suny Adirondack to the next level.

Danielle Brown
Suny Adirondack

This conference is great for anyone involved in university communications - whether looking to start a program, revamp your strategy or just find new ideas - everyone will have something to learn.

Jennifer Hollis
University of Missouri


increase your value as an employee and high-performing marketer.

We know many higher education teams are strapped for resources, time and budget. Our talks address the how-tos of social media marketing, but we also tackle ways to streamline your processes, improve your existing skills set, better your team communications, and choose the right tools that make the most impact — on your bottom line, your productivity, and your role within your institution.

The quality of the speakers and their extensive backgrounds was impressive. Hearing from others who do what I do and have similar struggles and pain points was helpful and made content relatable.

Michelle Thomas
Cuyahoga Community College

Make 300+ new friends and business contacts.

Meet the brands, colleges and universities executing the most successful social media campaigns. Get answers to your most pressing social media challenges. Step out of your industry bubble to see what’s driving success at different types of companies that can inspire innovation at your own!

Amazing. Allows you to think outside of your brand/role comfort zone!

Karima Dasher
Social Media Manager, Envision

Experience a 360-degree view of social media marketing.

Attend sessions dedicated to strategy development, social platforms, and social content creation to get a holistic view of the vast opportunities for your brand in social media marketing - along with frameworks you need to implement them effectively.

Great speakers who provide fun and insightful content.

Kelsey Keys
Social Media Strategist at FireHouse

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