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Kelly Bennett

Social Media Manager
University of Cincinnati

Kelly Bennett scored her dream job right out of college when she launched the social media strategy at her alma mater, Miami University. Building their social media from the ground up, she has found success by staying on top of trends in an ever-changing digital world.

Over the last 10 years, Kelly has spoken at numerous conferences as a thought leader in higher education. She now works at the University of Cincinnati managing social media strategy on the Marketing and Communications team.

When she’s not engaging with passionate Bearcat fans and planning creative campaigns, she enjoys exploring Cincinnati parks, traveling to new countries, and playing pickleball.

Kelly sits on the Board for Together Digital, a national organization that helps women in digital marketing grow professionally and personally. Kelly earned her bachelor’s degree from Miami University where she studied Communications and Marketing, completed a graduate certificate in Interactive Media, and recently finished the mini-MBA program.

She loves the energy of working at a university and is grateful for the amazing community of higher ed peers she’s met over the years.

Kelly Bennett’s Session(s):

10:00 am–1:00 pm — Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Social Media Workshop A
(HIGHER EDUCATION): Navigating a Crisis - How to Build Your Social Crisis Comms Plan

Who is this social training for? Crises occur on every college campus. Being prepared and having a plan in place can help avoid a PR nightmare, and in some cases, can help you catch an issue before it becomes a full-blown crisis. Social media managers and those involved with their brand’s crisis communications strategy will walk away with the tactical elements needed to develop or enhance their organization’s social media crisis communications strategy.

Topics covered include:

1. Crisis strategy

- Developing an organizational command structure/who to have on your social “team"
- What protocols to have in place
- Collaborating with other teams: web, media, administration, creative, etc.

2. Real-world campus crisis examples: national, smaller-scale and the unthinkable

- How to navigate your way through these 

3. How to develop a listening strategy

- Developing a listening strategy
- The value of listening tools
- How to determine the best listening tool (paid and free)

4. Interactive session

11:50 am–12:30 pm — Thursday, October 17, 2019

Panel: How Institutions are Running Creative Social Media Campaigns to Strengthen Brand Reputation (and How to Bounce Back When Campaigns Fail)

Topics include:

  • Where do you get creative inspiration for your campaigns?
  • What steps do you take to try to ensure successful execution?
  • What has been the significance of having a targeted audience in your campaigns?
  • How have you and your team used research and data to strengthen the likelihood of success?
  • How do you measure success with your campaigns? Where does brand reputation fit in?
  • What advice do you have on how to bounce back from failed campaigns?

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