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Bill Lyon

Multimedia Social Media Producer
Carnegie Mellon University

Bill Lyon joined Carnegie Mellon University’s social team in 2018. He brought with him over 10 years of award-winning experience in video, film and multimedia production. Telling stories and empowering others to tell them well is his passion.

Over the last year, Bill has created multimedia content across that university that has increased engagement & excited academics, leadership, and staff to tell their stories in a more engaging way.

Bill Lyon’s Session(s):

10:00 am–10:40 am — Thursday, October 17, 2019

Keynote: Engage, Empower and Embrace – How to Excite Leadership and Staff on Social

Social is always changing and, with it, the way we tell stories. Engaging leadership isn’t always an easy task, especially if they’re not used to the informal nature of social. At universities, we want to take them beyond handshakes and ribbon cuttings. We want to see them with students, showcasing their personality and interacting online.

I can’t promise we’ll get them on TikTok tomorrow, but I can promise we’ll discuss the road to a more engaged leadership.

We’ll explore:

  • Finding areas of comfort for leadership and staff, helping to ease them into new approaches.
  • Empowering them with the right support, tools, and encouragement.
  • Discover what makes your leaders tick, engaging them on social while also serving your audience with the content they want more of.

We’ll also take a look at some real-world examples from CMU’s social accounts including what ended in a friendly online battle between university deans.

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