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Stephanie Swindle Thomas

Director of Social Media and Visual Assets, College of Arts and Architecture
Penn State

Writer, musician, photographer, Stephanie Swindle Thomas was hired as an alumni and communications specialist at her alma mater, Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee, in 2006 to “figure out this thing called Facebook” and engage with students, alumni, faculty, and staff. She attended graduate school at Penn State in Art History, where she was the social media manager for the Graduate Student Association for Visual Culture. After receiving her M.A., she worked as the Marketing and Exhibitions Coordinator for the Metal Museum, building their social media channels and leading a rebranding campaign before returning to Penn State where she has worked for the Palmer Museum of Art, Stuckeman School of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Graphic Design, and currently the College of Arts and Architecture. 

She manages a multi-tiered Multimedia and Communications internship program in the arts, where she teaches future arts entrepreneurs to become their own brands, publicists, and art directors. Her photographs have been featured in a solo exhibition at Penn State, a group show with her interns at the Huntingdon Arts Council, and is currently on view at the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art in their juried biennale exhibition. Throughout her career, she has had the opportunity to work with musicians, artists, actors, and designers from Rome-Prize-winning ceramicist Roberto Lugo to cellist Yo-Yo Ma. She is currently teaching a course in Multimedia Arts PR for Penn State College of Arts and Architecture, Penn State School of Visual Arts’ Professional Photography internship course, and a Museum PR course for Penn State’s Department of Art History, where she is affiliate faculty.  

Stephanie Swindle Thomas’s Session(s):

4:00 pm–4:45 pm — Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Panel: How to Best Communicate With And Engage Faculty, Staff & Students: Creative Ways to Share Academic & Research Content on Social

Panel topics include:

  • How to work with faculty and staff who are social media shy
  • Ways to start a conversation and break the ice with those who are reluctant to participate
  • How to leverage story highlights to create evergreen content that can live on professor’s bios, department, and college websites
  • Showcasing the student research experience through their eyes: how to collect content from students and share it in a meaningful and interactive way
  • Demystifying discovery majors, graduate programs, and research through visual content, storytelling, and advertising
  • Education and outreach: explaining, educating, and involving administrators for buy-in

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