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Kasandrea Sereno, EdD

Senior Academic Advisor
University of South Florida

Kasandrea Sereno is a college advisor from Tampa Florida. She is an alumna of the University of South Florida, holding a bachelor’s degree in business management and industrial psychology, an MBA, and a Master’s in Education-College Student Affairs. She recently completed her doctorate in Higher Ed Organizational Leadership & Policy at Vanderbilt University and currently works as a certified career counselor and academic advisor at USF and will be an incoming board member for the National Insititute of Social Media. Her research interests include organizational behavior and digital marketing specifically the areas of buyer behavior and social media. In 2015 she founded HigherEdSocial, the largest Facebook group for social media professionals in higher education, and enjoys collaborating with colleagues on best practices and creating trainings to help universities better leverage social media to increase their student retention and satisfaction. She has spoken at professional, higher-ed, and technology conferences around the world and regularly presents on college campuses about generation z and how to use social media to build an educational brand.

Kasandrea Sereno, EdD’s Session(s):

4:00 pm–4:45 pm — Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Panel: How to Best Communicate With And Engage Faculty, Staff & Students: Creative Ways to Share Academic & Research Content on Social

Panel topics include:

  • How to work with faculty and staff who are social media shy
  • Ways to start a conversation and break the ice with those who are reluctant to participate
  • How to leverage story highlights to create evergreen content that can live on professor’s bios, department, and college websites
  • Showcasing the student research experience through their eyes: how to collect content from students and share it in a meaningful and interactive way
  • Demystifying discovery majors, graduate programs, and research through visual content, storytelling, and advertising
  • Education and outreach: explaining, educating, and involving administrators for buy-in

11:00 am–11:40 am — Thursday, October 17, 2019

Panel: Launching and Measuring an Effective Influencer Marketing Program

Panelists will share best practices and insights on topics including: 

  • What are some current opportunities and challenges in influencer marketing for higher education?
  •  What are the characteristics that make up an influencer in the higher education space?
  • Can a professor become influential? If so, what are some best practices?
  • What resources are available for educators and others to become influential in their space?
  • What are some successful influencer tactics that your university has tested?
  • How do you track the results of your influencer campaign?
  • How are your influencer strategies integrated with your paid media strategies?

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