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Charlie Shin

Partner Manager

Charlie Shin is a Partner Manager for agencies at Facebook. He works with clients in the United States and Canada and has managed over 200+ accounts in various industries. He helps create, optimize, and drive his clients’ social strategies in order to grow their businesses through investments on Facebook. To further accelerate this growth, Charlie leverages cross-functional teams around measurement, creative, solutions engineering, and product education, providing a holistic partnership.

Charlie Shin’s Session(s):

2:00 pm–2:45 pm — Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Panel: Paid Facebook Campaign Creation Strategy: A Discussion of Best Practices, Strategies, Analytics, and Testing on Facebook

Panelists will discuss topics including: 

  • How to create super engaging ads
  • How to generate a higher Return On Investment (ROI) with your facebook ad campaigns
  • How important is a landing page to your campaign
  • What tools to use to increase conversions on your ads and landing pages?
  • Campaign launch and testing framework for Facebook and Instagram Advertising.
  • How Facebook and Google punish Higher Ed Institutions when they send traffic to their website and course pages
  • How to utilize Facebook's pixel to get the best results

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