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Wednesday, October 16, 2019    12:10 pm–12:55 pm

Building Great Content on Complicated Subjects: IBM 5 in 5 - A Case Study

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Have you ever had to create a campaign about a subject matter that might be difficult to understand? Creativity can be rough when you need to create an external campaign about a complicated topic in a B2B industry that may be of interest to clients, scientists, researchers or academics. But once the surface is scratched, it can be discovered that although the topic is complicated, it matters to just about every human and now you need to break it down and explain why.  

Leveraging the IBM 5 in 5, in this session, we will discuss how to create consumer-friendly social content from topics that may be hard to understand by a non-expert, and how to build the human connection through your social and content strategy. You will also leave this session with learnings to bring these stories to life in a holistic digital experience that is not exclusive to social but also includes web, and digital media.


Liz Koenig
Social Media Lead - IBM Research

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