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Wednesday, October 16, 2019    9:10 am–9:50 am


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In an increasingly fragmented world, we all have to ensure brands are greater than the sum of their social parts and posts. The best brand stewards will ask the big questions. Will your brand build its legacy today? Or will it be disposable tomorrow? Will your next idea change behavior? Or just change the number of engagements on a post? What will it take to make a stagnant brand grow again, a lost brand gain new direction, or a thriving brand grow faster?

Learn how today’s leading brands, from Burger King, to FDA’s The Real Cost, to Black & Abroad, are creating NEVER FINISHED ideas that unleash their potential. It takes a careful balance of creativity, data, strategy and a willingness to make your brand a constant work in progress. Because the best brands are epic stories comprised of chapters of ideas that fundamentally change the way people move through a world that’s ever-evolving. So only one question remains: What will you change today? 

Key takeaways:

  • Understand the role of paid social beyond just “boosting posts”
  • Go from creating content to creating behavior
  • Real-world inspiration from top-performing brands in social


Ben Grossman
SVP, Group Strategy Director

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