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Thursday, October 17, 2019    1:30 pm–2:10 pm

Into and Beyond Your First Role as a Social Media Manager - Perspectives on Different Career Paths in Higher Education

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This panel will explore different career paths that higher education professionals have followed, both into and beyond their first role as a social media manager. As a relatively new field, you'll hear from professionals at different points in their career about their paths and their hopes for the future. Discussion topics include:

  • What do your current responsibilities entail, and how did you transition into that role?
  • What do you think is the most important thing you do every day?
  • What gets you out of bed every morning? What is it that inspires you about your current job?
  • How do you think your current role prepares you for professional growth?
  • What piece of professional development advice would you give to someone interested in working in social media?

Chris D'Orso
Associate Director of Admissions
SUNY Brockport


Bill Haug
Executive Director of Marketing
Sacred Heart University

Ali Yares
Assistant Director & Marketing Campaign Manager
Kogod School of Business at American University

Josh McDaniel
Former Director of Marketing & Branding
Northwestern State University of Louisiana

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