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Amy Ortega

Social Media Director
University of Phoenix

Amy Ortega is the Social Media Director at University of Phoenix, where she oversees and implements the strategy for the University’s social channels. Amy considers herself a true social media OG, having worked in the industry since 2011. She has a strong passion for developing engaging, consumable content and providing a personalized community management approach that fosters a sense of community for students. Amy holds a bachelor’s degree in communications and MBA from University of Phoenix. Outside of work, Amy aspires to be a Pinterest Mom, enjoys a good glass of wine, and she loves testing out new recipes.

Amy Ortega’s Session(s):

10:55AM - 11:40AM PDT — Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Case Study: Adapting Your Content Strategy Overnight - The Importance of Being Proactive

Social media professionals know all too well that a crisis can occur when you least expect it. In this session, Amy will discuss how University of Phoenix pivoted their social media content strategy during COVID19. She will share her best practices for quickly adapting your content strategy, how to work closely with leadership, and the importance of supporting your community on social media.

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