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Nick Myers

Founder & CEO
RedFox AI

Nick Myers is the Founder & CEO of RedFox AI in Madison, WI. RedFox AI helps give brands a voice by leveraging the power of AI and voice assistant technologies like Alexa and Google Assistant.

Nick is a TEDx and International Keynote Speaker having spoken across the U.S and the world in countries like Australia and Thailand on topics ranging from Artificial Intelligence and the future of work, social media in the era of Artificial Intelligence, and how any organization can give themselves a voice (literally) using voice assistant technologies like Alexa and Google Assistant.

Nick has been featured in publications such as PR Daily, Madison InBusiness Magazine, and co-authored an article for The Journal of Digital & Social Media Marketing based in London, U.K. This year, Nick was nominated as Voice Commentator of The Year at the Project Voice Awards, has been recognized as an Madison InBusiness Magazine 40 Under 40 award winner for the Class of 2020, and in 2019 Nick’s company, RedFox AI, was recognized as a 50 on Fire company in the state of Wisconsin by Wisconsin Inno.

Nick also hosts a weekly podcast series called The Artificial Podcast where he interviews people from around the world who are making waves in the Artificial Intelligence, Voice-First, and other emerging technology, as well as dives into various topics about AI, Voice, and emerging tech to help everyone understand how these technologies are impacting our lives both personally and within organizations.

Nick Myers’s Session(s):

2:50 p.m.–3:35 p.m. — Wednesday, October 28, 2020

A Marketer’s Guide to Voice in 2020: How You Can Stay Competitive and Increase Customer Engagement

With the arrival of 2020 and the new decade, it is safe to say that we have officially entered “The New Age”. Technology is no longer just sitting on the sidelines available to us for when we need it. Emerging technologies like AI and Voice are rapidly changing the technological landscape as we know it and have embedded themselves in our day-to-day lives in ways that we may not event realize solving hidden problems for us right under our noses.

Voice has been the fastest most widely adopted technology in the history of humanity. The 2010’s saw the rise of voice assistant technologies like Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, and Bixby housed in smart speakers that made it possible for people to accomplish a simple task in a matter of seconds. In 2020 Voice is poised to break out of just smart speakers and start becoming ubiquitous across billions of devices. As a marketer, it is crucial that you begin to develop a strategy to remain competitive and engage your audience in this new channel.

In this thought-provoking and strategy fueled session you will:

  • Learn about the fundamentals of Voice, how it works, and why it matters
  • Understand the basics of voice search and how you can begin optimizing your content and strategy to own Voice search for your brand in your industry

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