Sabrina Bauer

Regional Marketing Manager

Sabrina is a talented marketer and storyteller who excels at showcasing her firm's unique qualities, motivators, and value to clients. After six years of leading regional visibility and proposal efforts for her firm, Sabrina stepped into the role of Regional Marketing Manager. Today, she leads the day-to-day management and mentoring of her team, who support visibility and proposal efforts for a team of 800+ technical professionals. Her problem-solving mindset and passion for collaboration help her tackle the daily challenges of change management. Sabrina is a social media advocate and is currently working to drive adoption throughout her organization. With a B.S. in Marketing and an M.A. in Communication with a concentration in Public Relations, Sabrina is well-equipped to help audiences learn the skills necessary to effectively manage change and transform their teams into active contributors on social media. Outside of work, Sabrina indulges in her passions for reading, writing poetry, and traveling.

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