Jamie Lewis

Senior Social Media Manager
University of Georgia

Jamie Lewis serves as the senior social media manager at the University of Georgia. She oversees social media strategy and content creation for the university’s flagship social media accounts, manages a team of student social media ambassadors, serves as a guide and resource for social media users across campus, and works collaboratively with the Office of the President to manage presidential social media accounts, while also advising other members of senior campus leadership on how to effectively leverage their own social media to increase brand awareness for the university.

Jamie Lewis’s Session

1:15 p.m.– 2:00 p.m. Pacific — Monday, October 23, 2023

Panel: Managing Social Media on Behalf of University Leadership

This panel will discuss successful strategies for managing social media on behalf of university leadership. 

Discussion topics include:

  • How to introduce new leadership to a university community and plan a presidential transition
  • Finding the best opportunities for your leadership to interact with your online community 
  • Optimizing your leadership’s digital abilities and setting leadership up for success early in their tenure
  • Tapping into your leaders’ authenticity
  • Dealing with difficult subjects and when/how to engage
  • Taking calculated risks and having fun
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