Andy Pondillo

Sr. Content Solutions Consultant

I'm a diverse social media specialist who has seen it all. My career beginnings are in broadcast journalism, where I learned to master the art of "telling a story." Since then, my journalistic approach to social media has led the charge in successful campaigns in various industries such as radio, healthcare, personal branding, restaurants, fitness, retail, B2B, museum, and higher education, among many others.

From old-school social media day-to-day strategy to new and innovative paid social media implementation, I'm a digital professional with a hand in it all. It's amazing to see where this wonderful industry has come in my 14 years of experience, and happy to be a part of this journey with you!

Andy Pondillo’s Session

Reuse and Recycle: Video Content for EDU

Video, did you say video? How much will it cost, how much time will it take?

In this session, we will debunk the myths of video and show how your institution can maximize its potential on all budgets. We will combine video best practices with research to unveil what makes an EDU video pop for LinkedIn.

You’ll learn:

  • How advertisers can source video from other platforms, current b-roll, and animation to create a best-in-class video with a budget.
  • How are main ideas and scroll-stopping videos captured in 2 seconds?
  • What nuances does LinkedIn bring to the table regarding video marketing?
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: How LinkedIn video can reduce lead costs, surge frequency, and lead to an enhanced enrollment pipeline.
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