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User-generated content (UGC) can be an incredible addition to your content strategy. It provides an authentic view of your campus that marketers may not always be able to capture independently and is a great opportunity to represent students, alumni, and faculty perspectives.

This panel will discuss:

  • How to find the highest-quality UGC to feature on your channels (through running contests and other initiatives)
  • Examples of UGC that have driven notable engagement from various audiences (students, alumni, faculty)
  • How to get creative teams and administration to buy into UGC over polished, full-production videos/content pieces
  • Your checklist for using UGC properly: asking for permission, vetting someone’s account/affiliation with your school, giving credit, etc.
  • How UGC contributes to brand storytelling and building campus community
  • Tracking the success of your UGC

Sarah Barnes
Associate Director, Communications and Marketing
Harvey Mudd College


Cody Soto
Director of Social Media & Digital Engagement
Baylor University Athletics

Mandy Sullivan
Director of Social Media Strategy
UC San Diego

Maya Wesby
Social Media Manager
Harvard Graduate School of Education