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This panel will discuss:

  • An overview of which platforms our panelists are most active on and why
  • The research and strategy that can help you decide when a new platform makes sense for your brand, including examples of recent new profile launches from our panelists
  • When, why, and how to say no to new platform suggestions, including examples
  • How to decide when it may be time to sunset a profile
  • How analytics and audience insights can help you determine where you should be active
  • When to (or not to) duplicate content across platforms by identifying the purpose of your post
  • Leveraging different platforms for different kinds of content and communications

Sydney Jones-Wright
Associate Director of Executive Communications
Vanderbilt University


Angela M. Douglas
Social Media Specialist
UTHealth Houston

Abby Wood Meczywor
Associate Director of Digital Strategy
Wiliams College

Deanna Stevens Ulrich
Director of Digital Content
Kent State University