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We all want our social media presence to be more than a glorified billboard; community management is key to building a social media presence that is engaging, authentic, and rewarding for everyone involved. We will walk through the importance of community management for any social media professional, the levels of engagement you can strive toward with your followers, and when it's okay to enter into a conversation. By drawing on lessons from the past and using current successful examples, you'll learn how Duke Alumni's social media brand transitioned from a marketing bucket blackhole to a community builder and conversation starter, which has positioned the brand, Forever Duke, as a leader in follower engagement among our peer institutions. You will also learn strategies for fitting community management into your social media management workflow, along with workflow tips for communicators who are (like most higher ed comms professionals) already doing it all and can't imagine how they could fit another task like community management into their day. We will break community management down into bite-size, medium, and heavier-lift tasks that will allow anyone to find time to manage their community. 

You'll learn: 

  • The benefits of community management on social media, including how it can help you build a robust UGC stream
  • How to break down community management into tasks that can easily fit into your workflow
  • How to use content not just as a billboard but as a way to generate conversation and engagement

Audrey Fenske
Social Media Coordinator - Duke Alumni Engagement and Development
Duke University