Maya Wesby

Social Media Manager
Harvard Graduate School of Education

Maya Wesby is the Social Media Manager for the Harvard Graduate School of Education, where she handles the ideation, execution, and analysis of content across channels. She curates the school's social presence through engagement with the campus community, promoting school-wide events, and adapting editorial posts and announcements into social-first content. She supports the school's brand as a leading institution in the education field and as a welcoming community for those who want to Learn to Change the World.

Previously, Maya supported social campaigns for brands including Samsung, Dove, and HomeGoods. She is a master's student studying journalism with the Harvard Extension School and holds a bachelor's in history from Princeton University.

Maya Wesby’s Session

12:00 p.m.–12:45 p.m. PT — Monday, October 21, 2024

Panel: Content Creation - Brainstorming, Resourcing, and Planning to Stay Consistent

Creating an effective content strategy requires that marketers be thoughtful, flexible, and creative. Panelists will explore approaching content strategically, along with the nuts and bolts of ways marketers can stay consistent.

Discuss topics include:

  • Mapping content to institutional goals and priorities
  • Strategy tools available to make long-term content planning accessible and approachable
  • Working internally and externally to develop collaborative content
  • Planning for recurring events and balancing consistency vs. creativity
  • How to leverage repurposing content and posting cadence to your advantage
  • Finding content inspiration beyond your industry 
  • Tackling content creation planning while balancing other social media priorities
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