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Student content creators are incredibly important to most higher ed marketers’ social media programs. While the opportunities feel endless, they can sometimes be hindered by time and resources, especially for one-person social media teams. During this panel, you’ll hear from time- and resource-strapped marketers on how they’ve managed to support a growing student social media team to help expand their content efforts. 

Topics include:

  • Hiring, expected hours, and compensation best practices to consider depending on your available budget
  • Balancing mentorship with production output from your student workers 
  • Encouraging collaboration within your team of student content creators
  • Managing, communicating, and establishing a content creation flow to keep students motivated and engaged
  • Shared highlights and challenges that come along with establishing and growing a student content team

April Hunt
Senior Associate Director of Communications
Emory College of Arts and Sciences


Debbie Swartz
Director of Social Media
Vassar College

Sydney Pridgeon
Social Media Strategist
The University of California, Berkeley

Amy Peterson
Assistant Director of Social & Multimedia Strategy
Texas Christian University