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Join us for an insightful session where we delve into the success stories of UHealth, the University of Miami Health System, and the Miller School of Medicine's strategic social media initiatives. Discover the secrets behind our robust content strategy, fostering community engagement, and positioning ourselves as trusted authorities in the medical field. This session is important to attend for anyone working in healthcare education, managing multiple brands, or wanting to learn more about HIPAA regulations in social media content. 

Key Highlights:

  • Explore how UHealth achieved a remarkable 22.3% increase in total followers and a staggering 152.8% surge in engagement. 
  • Uncover the details of our platform-specific tactics, including a vibrant 744% engagement increase on TikTok and a 164% surge on LinkedIn.
  • Witness the dynamic and impactful social media brand crafted by the Miller School of Medicine. Dive into our well-thought-out content strategy that resulted in a remarkable 251% engagement growth across major platforms in just one year.
  • Gain insights into how UHealth and the Miller School of Medicine have excelled in healthcare education and communication through social media initiatives. 
  • Understand the commitment to excellence that has propelled these institutions to become trusted sources of medical knowledge and innovation.

Izabela Bos, MSBA
Social Media Manager
University of Miami Health System | Miller School of Medicine