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Creators big and small have cracked the code in building audiences through compelling digital content that delivers value. Sounds like a skill useful in high ed communications, right? These vloggers, bloggers, streamers, and podcasters are shaping the creator economy and creating new ways for people to stay entertained, informed, and connected. In examining how creators build brands, engage fans, and monetize their content, we can learn strategies to grab the attention of our institutions. We'll also discuss how you can leverage the reach of the content creators walking your campuses.

Session objectives

  • Understand the creator economy from the perspective of creators and the organizations hiring the
  • Understand the strategies and tactics used by creators to grow followings and make content
  • Understand how to discover and engage with the content creators on your campus

Bill Zimmerman
Assistant Teaching Professor in Public Relations
Donald P. Bellisario College of Communications, Penn State

Jenna Spinelle
Donald. P. Bellisario College of Communications, Penn State